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Victor or Vaniquished?

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Roshan Hegde
ยทNov 10, 2022ยท

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While being stuck in traffic I saw a bunch of kids in a school playing by themselves.

One game in particular caught my attention. There was this one guy standing in the middle of the ground with his back bent. All the other boys would just run up to him, place their palms on his back and just jump over him.

He was happy and they were too ๐Ÿ˜€

It made me wonder what would this look out there in the real world? Would one of them be the victor and the other the vaniquished?

My spiritual master once told me. Its not enough to just be good but youve to also be strong otherwise you will be exploited and get crushed.

After all there must be a reason why they say, the world is not a fair place.

Straight trees are cut first


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