It ceases to amaze you.

When learning something new,

Be it an idea, a skill, a tool (hardware/software), playing a game or a 🎶 instrument or picking up a new hobby.

We are nervous and excited at the same time. Constantly thinking about it in the🚿 or before going to 😴 and all the time in between.

Early on, every little progress seemed like a milestone worth celebrating and every blip seemed like an insurmountable obstacle.

There is a sense of alertness to the mind and body while being engaged in the activity.

A feeling of magic.

Along the way, the newness is somehow lost. The spark is now missing. Eventually it becomes mundane and gets relegated to a chore.

Alas! This is also when you stop having fun and start burning out.

The fortunate few who don’t fall into this trap of inevitable boredom are those who wholeheartedly embrace the idea of a beginner’s mind while also constantly striving to improve through deliberate practice.When it ceases to be new,