with a feature or an app!

It’s remarkable how much of our life happens on a small screen with a little bit of hand eye coordination.

Just a nostalgic take on all the things that a smartphone has replaced.

Phone ☎️


MP3 player and Tape recorder 🎧🎵

Torch 🔦

Wallet/Cash 🤑

Camera and video camera 📸 and Albums too

Maps 🗺️


Calculator 📟

Alarm clock ⏰

TV and Remote

📚 and Notebooks(purist in me, continues to live in denial)

Gaming consoles 🎮

Board games - ♟️ carrom, Ludo, Monopoly, 🃏 and more

Wrist watch ⌚

Calendar 🗓️

Compass 🧭

Letters and Greeting cards too ✉️

Newspapers 📰

Sure a lot more (ordering stuff etc.) can happen over a mobile phone but here I’ve tried only list some of the physical objects a cellphone has rendered redundant.

Question to you?

What are something things or even activities that you think will never ever be replaced?

Also, what would one day replace a cellphone?