My eternal Mother,

Where do I begin and what do I say? Even as this humble human heart throbs in gratitude for the countless benedictions benevolently bestowed at your compassionate feet, many a doubt linger at the far corners of this questioning mind. After I spent over 30 years in the warm and tender embrace of your nurturing soil at last I manage to face my fears and take the plunge.

In writing to you I endeavor to understand the intricacies of my own existence while your infinite wisdom dispels the ignorance of my insignificance in the grand scheme of things. No words would suffice to express how greatly I feel about you. However, I feel morally obligated to write to you now more than ever as you are going through the mostly incredible time of your everlasting life.

I want to know mother how you came to be a true paradise of paradox. In you all the polar opposites seem to co-exist. It never seizes to amaze me, why would you nurture selfless souls who live for the sake of others while allowing corrupt crooks to thrive? Even as I attribute it to motherly compassion, I am confounded by the disparity of wealth distribution in your very home. How can you let a few loathe in richness while the many suffer their poverty in silence?

How is it that you make allowance for the hopes of hardworking heroes dashed while the dreams of the fortunate few are fulfilled? I can understand you giving birth to sons and daughters who further the frontiers of music and mathematics, but why bother to nurture terrorists and tyrants? How then do you ensure justice is served when injustice is rampant? On the one hand we as a nation strive for greatness while on the other we reek of meekness help me make sense of these confluence of conflicts.

Are you a but a mere fleeting mirage or an eternal unchanging reality? Am I to feel elated when the greatness of your glory soars over Himalayan heights or devastated when the character of my nation sinks into oceanic depths? It is incredibly gratifying to see you clad in pristine rivers and bejeweled with magnificent mountains. But then, I fail to reconcile all the impurities your children add-on to your clothes all the dents they cause into your ornaments. Is it greed or survival? Is it ignorance or innocence?

For all the questions that confound me, I would not have it any other way. For you are in me as much as I am in you; a culmination of contradictions and a miracle of creation. I am grateful to you for the gift of love, for the spark of life and for the light of knowledge that was vouchsafed upon me by the sole virtue of being born to you. Thank you for giving this opportunity to write to you and seek your blessings. Hope to hear from you sometime in the eternity.

Yours Forever,

Loving Child