A young boy asked his grandfather, “Grandpa, I want to be a star, I want to be in movies. When I grow up, I want to see the world, drive nice cars, and live in a house made of glass. Yes, I really want to be successful and great. So tell me, how do I chase all my goals, and catch them faster?”

The grandfather stopped for a moment, turned around, and then spotted a huge and super beautiful butterfly dancing on a flower. At once, he said, “Oh, my God! What a magnificent butterfly! Now, hurry… hurry and chase after it! Make sure you catch it! Don’t let it fly away! Move!”

The young lad hurriedly ran to the butterfly, but as he tried to take hold of it, the butterfly suddenly flew up into the wind. He ran after it, trying to catch it, but it was flying so fast. He ran around and around the garden until he got tired, and then he could no longer see the butterfly. Panting with loss of breath, he returned to his grandfather, wheezing, “I couldn’t catch it, grandpa! It flew away!”

The grandfather smiled for a moment, then held the young lad by his hand and took him to a corner. He waited until he calmed down, then he whispered into his ear,

“Listen, boy, let me teach you a lesson, a valuable life lesson. If you spend your time chasing butterflies, they’ll fly away. But if you spend your time creating a beautiful garden, the butterflies will come to you. You see… that butterfly is like your goals in life. In our journey of success, it’s easy to get caught up in the pursuit of immediate goals, the fleeting butterflies of life. However, the real magic happens when we focus on building something substantial, akin to cultivating a vibrant garden. Instead of relentlessly chasing, channel your energy into creating and nurturing. Build something meaningful, whether it’s a project, a skill, or a relationship. The beauty you will cultivate will attract opportunities, experience, and success naturally. So don’t chase love, money, or success. Become the best version of yourself and those things will come to you.”

Source: What’s App